We Are Not Alone

Recent Admissions To Encountering Off-World Craft From The Military of The USA Are Significant

2020 has certainly shaped up to be one of the most turbulent, eventful years in modern western social history, and it is only just over half way through!

Amidst all of the hype, and media attention towards the V.I.R.U.S the release of reports from the USA Navy concerning pilots encountering two different kinds of ‘unknown’ craft seem to have casually been set aside; the implications and astounding reality that our world is being visited by non-terrestrial vehicles has just been blithely ignored by many!

We are talking here of highly trained, intelligent, skilled military operatives, not some bloke with a smartphone taking shaky, fuzzy videos of ‘lights’ in the night sky.

The topic of UFO’s has of course been an abundant source of material for imaginative fiction, and speculation for centuries, and it is because of this long history of claims, counter claims and hyperbole that it is extremely difficult to discuss this matter in the public domain, without attracting all kinds of ridicule, scoffing and ultra rational condescension; the mainstream media has been dining out on the ‘little green men’ trope since forever.

This is very clearly a controversial, complex area, one that tends to upset certain kinds of people, because of course if this turns out to be officially verified it means we have all been deceived, falsely directed by the ‘authorities’ for a long time.

Setting aside the political and social implications for a minute, let’s examine what is being reported and what this means in terms of the macro picture.

In 2004 (16 years ago!) the Carrier Strike Group 11 headed by the flagship carrier Nimitz was conducting a routine training operation, with the group’s squadrons aloft and actively involved in tactical work, when one of the pilots reported an unusual encounter, it is best explained by him:

This interview is from 2017, we have some more recent materials, from October of 2019 where this pilot offers some greater detail and his own thoughts on his experience:

In 2001 another significant event took place which was presented to the corporate media groups in Washington D.C Press Club, no less, and yet the contents of this presentation, called ‘The Disclosure Project’ was never truly embraced by the media players, it was never actually reported very widely and I would be surprised if many people in the public sphere know anything about it! Headed, and organised by the very hardworking Dr Stephen Greer, an emergency medicine physician who retired from his career to be better able to work towards ‘Disclosure’ and carry out his research.

The Disclosure Project is considered to be a premium quality event, as it presented a long line of people with impeccable credentials and qualifications, not to say genuine experience, who delivered testimony after testimony related to witnessing UFO, and extra terrestrial phenomena during the course of their military, and technical duties, copies of this event have become scarce in recent years, this version has captions in spanish but the contents are in the original English:

In terms of my own journey with this topic, I think I have always known that humanity is not alone in this vast universe, even as a boy I used to ponder this while looking at the night sky and trying to picture all those stars as being suns, with planets in orbit around them, in that immensity which we are only able to see a small portion of, how could there not be other civilisations and beings?

To survive┬áin today’s world takes a lot of resources, and courage, but I think knowing that our planet is not the only one which has generated life, that we are not the only world that has flowered intelligence and spirit is deeply consoling; who knows, perhaps in our lifetime we will get the opportunity to speak with beings that have travelled great distances to find us, perhaps we will witness the true ‘paradigm shift’ of the age and experience our civilisation moving into the interstellar era, men of such credibility as Edgar Mitchell certainly think so, and Mr Mitchell is way more qualified to speak on this subject than just about anyone I can think of.