The Miracle Of Genuine Prayer

The Web abounds with plenty of nonsense, also disingenuous money-grubbing deception. However there are some authentic people publishing on the web, one has to employ some discernment and judgement in getting to this content; sometimes we can overlook the good stuff because we have grown cynical, who can blame us! Anyway, rather than waste your […]

The Secret

  The Secret represents one of those concepts that captures the collective imagination of the entire world, even if the the whole world does not quite grasp what it is all about in great detail! When the movie was released way back in 2007 (that seems like a long time ago today) it was billed […]

Napoleon Hill Think And Grow Rich Full Audio Book – Change Your Financial Blueprint

Napoleon Hill Think And Grow Rich Full Audio Book – Change Your Financial Blueprint Your personal growth guide: 103 Disbeliefs about Money: Free pdf eBook on Mindset: Free pdf eBook on Wealth: The original book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, first time published and released in 1937, is one […]

Invoking Angels! How to Invoke Angels and Spirit Guides… Instantly!

Invoking Angels! How to Invoke Angels and Spirit Guides… Instantly! Invoking angels and spirit guides is something you can do at any time, and any place. … And you don’t have to be an angel psychic to do it! Angels are spiritual beings and so they transcend time and space and are able to connect […]

Cryptocurrencies What Are They About?

BitCoin And BlockChain What Are They? Blockchain is the enabling technology for all cryptocurrencies Have you noticed an increase in the quantity of blog posts, articles and videos talking about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency recently? I have. The increasing interest in cryptocurrencies is driven by a complex range of factors which I am not going to […]

Get Started With The Digital Economy

The Digital Economy & YOU There has literally never been a better time to get started online! If you are a person who is interested with the World Wide Web, with digital media and writing, with social media, then you could not fail to have noticed the proliferation of ‘guru’ presentations, and claims being made […]

Official UFO/UAP Disclosures

We Are Not Alone Recent Admissions To Encountering Off-World Craft From The Military of The USA Are Significant 2020 has certainly shaped up to be one of the most turbulent, eventful years in modern western social history, and it is only just over half way through! Amidst all of the hype, and media attention towards […]

Prayer For Peace

Let Us Pray Prayer can be executed in many surprising ways! For many people the idea of praying is strongly linked to religion, church, worship, and the picture of someone kneeling with hands held together in supplication comes easily to mind. Or, perhaps you have been a passenger on an aircraft, and the experience suddenly takes on […]

Re-visiting Desiderata

You Are A Child of The Universe Desiderata Revisited This is a remarkable work of both wisdom and learned experience, a man stood poised one morning and wrote these words, that man was Max Ehrmann, an Atheist but also a man of great spiritual insight. Max Ehrmann DESIDERATA   GO PLACIDLY amid the noise and […]

Consider The Possibilities 1,2,3

Perchance To Dream… Each day we have a fresh beginning, no point agonizing about the past, because that is finished with. We have a chance to act on choices and potentially change our entire life, how it looks and feels to us. Lives can be completely altered from one day’s decisions. Rhuba Marvik By Guest […]