Taking Control of Your Health

Have you been to a GP recently, did they just sit at their computer referring to Google?

If you are anything like me, you put off visiting the doctor’s surgery unless you absolutely need a medicine you cannot obtain across the counter, or through some other means, or you need an official certificate to prove you are sick!

It seems modern general practice is about searching the internet, looking up pharmaceutical company websites and promoting the drugs their reps tell them about, and getting affiliate kickbacks, financial incentives and other easter eggs; finding a really dedicated and free thinking doctor is rare.

An averagely intelligent person has access to exactly the same range of information that GP’s have, after all we are living in the ‘Information Age’. 

Nothing is more important than your health, you only fully appreciate this when you have the misfortune to be unwell, or worse; it does not matter if you are fabulously well off if you are unable to enjoy good health, or if you have been given a death sentence by cancer, or some other terminal condition.

These days you can actively manage your own health, and many people have taken the initiative to seek out nutrition, and dietary based programs to give themselves maximum benefit.

‘Food as medicine’ has become a lifestyle movement, it has many champions and very capable people that promote various types of diets, of these ‘Paleo’ is one of the more interesting, it is based on the idea that our ancestors knew what they were doing, their daily access to food was restricted by the harsh realities of life in the ‘Stone age’, but rather than being a negative this gave them robust good health! The fact that you are here infers your ancestors must have survived and thrived.

One of the more outspoken exponents of the Paleo way is a talented Australian chef by the name of Pete Evans.

Pete has been a familiar personality in Australia, known to many as being one of the judges on ‘My Kitchen Rules’, and a very articulate communicator, champion of food, and more recently a strong supporter of some alternative therapies and ‘Cannabis’ as a medicine which has drawn a lot of criticism from the ‘mainstream’ world. This recent interview from the ’60 Minutes’ people offers us an unedited, raw account from the man himself where he describes his journey into alternative ideas, the influence of Tony Robbins and many other modern thinkers.

Along with many people, I like Pete Evans, he is a likable chap with his earnest sincerity, his outspoken courage to stand alone despite being criticised by some heavy hitters; perhaps I see something of my own experience and ideas in Pete, because just like him I never really liked a lot of what I saw in society.

It seems whenever people decide to act, to take a stand and execute on their discoveries, it upsets some people, Pete Evans has released a documentary on NetFlix: The Magic Pill  which has upset many people who claim to be absolute authorities in the field of dietary medicine, it is always valuable to investigate why people are upset, it can reveal many things for us.

Among the people who seem most upset by The Magic Pill is the Australian Medical Association, according to them the documentary is ‘irresponsible’, but why?

Politics in the medical world is nothing new, in fact the whole of science has become highly politicised in the past few decades, because the authority to define what is accepted as being true, for climate, health, social policy underpins what is promoted in the media, especially online, and people refer to this in forming their own ideas and opinions, and this leads to them making choices at the ballot boxes.

Questioning established doctrines of science is always a risky business, our history is filled with individuals who have dared to disagree with the ‘consensus’ (a term that is used throughout the science world), Galileo in 1633 was tried by the chief inquisitor and found to be “Vehemently  suspect of heresy”in his publication of ideas concerning astronomy, we are familiar with this pattern and we should be much more careful with how we dismiss alternative ideas in our times!

Just like the ‘consensus’ of religious philosophy in previous times, today’s ‘Peer Reviews’ operate to shut down anyone who suggests anything which contradicts established scientific dogma; exactly who and how these ‘peer reviews’ are managed is quite a different matter, the potential for corruption and ‘carrots on sticks’ is worrying, because funding for research is very much determined by membership and agreement among these little ‘peer groups’, they are certainly not immune to influence!

Just why Pete Evans is attracting such a vigorous negative response is interesting in itself; it seems there are many who fear different ideas, many who seek to silence people who wield a degree of influence.

We have seen a significant shift away from ‘mainstream media’ in the past 30 years, each year the grip and absolute hold on influence has slipped a little further away from them, they have lost substantial revenue from advertising, and individuals who win over millions of supporters, building audiences from social media, and the new media platforms are seriously challenging the T.V and radio networks, there are a lot of people in our society who just don’t like the web, or what the internet has brought with it!

Likewise, we are seeing a definite ‘Information War’ taking place, where the quest for ‘hearts and minds’ is underway, the trenches of information warfare are filled with individuals who dare to challenge the preceding order, who offer alternative information and ways of living to people, and this is worrying the plutocrats and established groups who gained their power and position from the old media order.

‘ It isn’t Science’, the critics shout! When the very basis of science was founded on experimentation, testing alternative ideas, proposing new accounts and observing outcomes, never resting on one absolute but constantly reviewing knowledge!

This ‘Science’ they refer to has become an immovable set of sacred dogma, which nobody can challenge, more importantly it has become a refuge for scallywags and rogues to impose their social policies on the rest of us, they keep pointing to ‘peer review’ when the very membership of such peer groups is dependent on agreeing with an established range of conclusions, just like the ‘consensus’ of previous eras in our history; empirical research has very little to do with this consensus, and everything to do with propping up powerful factions in our midst.

“Who benefits” is a very important point to consider in all of this.

I feel motivated to speak about Pete Evans because I see him being very badly treated here in Australia, here is a man who has carved his career in the public eye, he is like the ‘all Australian’ boy in many families, he appeals to a large number of people because he is just like them, he loves surfing, good food (tucker!), he is articulate but not an intellectual, he expresses an interest in topics which the ‘mainstream’ has always considered a bit freaky!

And, lo and behold, it turns out there are legions of Australian people who also question the ‘absolutes’, who also have reservations regarding diet, putting fluoride in the water supply,  pumping out benzodiazepines for anxiety, antibiotics, people who distrust big pharma’s intentions, the commercial customers of the mainstream media organisations; people who have eyes to see problems in their communities which are not being addressed by the conventional solutions.

This is what the corporate class, and the medical establishment are concerned about, that a significant number of Australian people, and now the international community, are being influenced to reject the offered products and information, their influence and authority is being questioned.

The above ‘interview’ from the Australian 60 Minutes franchise is a typical example of how Pete Evans is being discredited, he gets few opportunities to respond to the constant barrage of criticisms, the lady frames his position and then quickly moves to a different angle, preventing Pete from offering any rebuttal, or clarifications.

This 60 Minutes interview is more of a journalistic ‘hit piece’, it is a classic ploy, to dominate the narrative and not provide the subject any ‘wiggle room’, anyone with a sense of fair play, reason will be annoyed with this!

Pete has had the audacity to speak about Bill Gates, and his recent forays into the vaccine for the ‘vi.r.u.s’, Bill Gates with his soft pastel cashmere jerseys (the pink one is especially soothing) and his talk of indemnifying vaccine manufacturers from litigation if the vaccine is found to be harmful to certain people; heresy!

Bill Gates has stated in very plain terms that the world will not return to ‘normal’ unless each and every person on Earth is vaccinated, this implies that if you or I decide we don’t want the vaccine, we will be excluded from gaining work, from obtaining benefits, from being able to shop in stores, walk around in public; this is the kind of measure we expect from tyrannical regimes.

This v.i.r.u.s has a lower mortality rate than many flu seasons, it is not an especially ‘deadly’ virus at all; certain groups in our society are more susceptible, diabetics, people suffering from respiration diseases, cancer, cardiovascular disorders, and these same people are are likely to experience complications from any ‘corona’ virus infection, such as the Common Cold, do we shut down the economy whenever there is a bad cold doing the rounds?

The popularity of Pete Evans tells me that there are a heck of a lot of people who ask questions, who don’t just accept what they are told by mainstream media and their government/s, we are led to believe the public is a passive, sheep-like mass of zombies, not so!

The people who are in positions of power, the extremely wealthy, politically involved, who lobby their connections and circles, the major corporate players, the George Soros, Richard Branson types, those who underpin the old media/publishing empires are all panicking; the emerging increase in political consciousness is not playing into their plans – this is why Trump/Brexit represent such a major blow to the global order.

Pete Evans represents an emerging type, the urban people who have been disenfranchised by big pharma, and conventional medicine, they have been chronically unwell and their GP’s, specialists, dieticians have failed them, the mass promotion of drugs from the pharmaceutical giants and the commercial relationships underpinning ‘experts’, the fact many of them are just affiliates, no better than ‘influencers’ on social media, has been understood; Pete Evans is giving them ideas and recipes that help them, and people will always support genuine results!

The critique from GP’s and big pharma funded media rings hollow, they don’t like Pete Evans because much of what he says is proven, and very effective.

These alternative ideas are no longer ‘conspiracy theories’, we can see the way our society is being manipulated, we are told masks are no good one month, and the next we are being fined if we refuse to wear one, Bill Gates is talking about being compelled to take a global vaccine, and being excluded from society if you refuse this: is this about our well-being and health, or something altogether different?

I like Pete Evans, I am not a ‘Paleo Diet’ follower, but I can see the benefits of such an approach, but the main benefit I see from listening to a man like Pete Evans is that he is getting people to think for themselves, to come out from under the shadow of being directed by mainstream health, and so-called ‘science’ consensus, he is promoting critical thinking and open minded consideration of alternative ideas, instead of arrogantly scoffing at them like the mainstream buffoons want you to, and for this he is receiving a lot of Flak, and as they say, when you are over the target you can expect the thickest flak being aimed at you! I have found this saying to be absolutely true, those who have the most to lose will offer the most toxic smear campaigns.