The Secret

The Secret represents one of those concepts that captures the collective imagination of the entire world, even if the the whole world does not quite grasp what it is all about in great detail!

When the movie was released way back in 2007 (that seems like a long time ago today) it was billed as being a revolutionary insight, how we can change our outcomes, our entire lives through the power of creative visualisation, and something they termed a ‘law’ of the universe.

The so-called ‘law of attraction’ was being spoken about everywhere it seemed. But who were these people making these claims, and what defines a ‘law’ of nature, was this simply clever marketing and hype or is there really something of tangible value in all of this? I set out to discover for myself, as a man of science and learning, I have a completely open mind, I am not a hardened cynic (yet) but I think, as Carl Sagan once proclaimed: extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.

In the field of ‘Manifestation’ there are a lot of people presenting blogs, and eBooks, books on Amazon and people such as Bob Proctor making all sorts of claims, if you are anything like me you have an interest in ideas, you don’t go out of your way to heap scorn on people, but if people are going to present a definite claim that we have the ability to gain a vast improvement in our fortunes, I want to investigate their claims, I really want to know if this is true, or if it is hogwash designed to make them money at our expense!

Join me, as I sift through all the materials and presentations, from the most outrageous hype and trashy snake oil, to perhaps more credible and thought provoking examples, as I put some of this to the test!