Manifest Anything You Desire l Law of Attraction Meditation Music l Asking The Universe

Manifest Anything You Desire l Law of Attraction Meditation Music l Asking The Universe by Transformation and Miracle.

This is 8 hours long deep sleep meditation music to manifest anything you want and desire. You can ask the universe what you want. We are connected to the universe. This is our universe and we can write our request to the universe. Keep in mind that we can always receive a response from the universe, it might be immediate or it can take a while. We all are beautiful gift of universe. The universe response in many ways, sometimes it might come as a thought, an idea, memory and sometimes with the meeting of the person, a perfect stranger, who helps us to solve our problems or help us by fulfilling our wishes.

★ Introduction to Transformation & Miracle Meditation Music ★
Transformation and Miracle Mediation Music is a YouTube channel which serve you the best meditation, healing and law of attraction meditation music. This channel was created in 30th March 2017 with an aim of providing digital space for those who are going through stress, anxiety and depression. Most of the music in this channel is composed with the combination of soothing pads with piano, flute and bell with the sound of nature. Thank you and have a great time.
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