how i practice manifestation every day (morning in my life vlog)

what better way to ring in the new month with some manifestation journaling? join a morning in my life preparing for the new month and a little conversation about my thoughts on manifestation and the law of attraction.

first LOA video:

products used/ mentioned (in order)
+ serum:
+ sunscreen:
+ sunglasses (similar) or
+ tank (similar):
+ jeans:
+ blue top (similar)
+ my journal:
+ favorite pens:

music in this video by paper round:

Knowledge is power. Want to learn more about Black Lives Matter? Check these links out:

Overview of resources-
Petitions that still need signatures-
How you can donate-…
Check if you are registered to vote!-…
1619 Podcast (amazing and incredibly educational about realities of Black history in USA)-…
Black owned businesses-…



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