"This is why you're not manifesting" – Joe Dispenza (Learn This To Manifest 10X Faster!) L.O.A

Speaker: Dr Joe Dispenza

Joe Dispenza gives the insight into why people struggle to manifest their greatest potentials in life. He explains how we are innately divine creators, but we surrender power, usually within the first 5 minutes of the day, by plugging into our known stimuli, and focusing all out attention on the problems of the world.

00:00 – The Power (or Disempowerment) Of A Morning Routine
01:30 – Deciding Your Destiny, One Decision At A Time
02:30 – Self Sabotage (Traps Of The Subconscious Mind)
03:30 – What Is Quantum Physics?
04:30 – Collapsing The Wave Function (How To Manifest)
05:30 – All Possibilities Exist NOW
06:00 – Why You’re Not Manifesting
06:30 – Opening The Heart To Expand Your Magnetic Field
07:10 – The Ripple Effect
07:30 – The Science Of Manifesting Quantum Potentials
08:00 – Broadcasting Your Electro-Magnetic Signature
08:35 – Sin
09:00 – It Takes Training (It’s Not Overnight!)
09:25 – Life Is About The Management Of Energy

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