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Science has become an elite weapon of powerful groups in our society

The history and development of Science is truly a fascinating subject, it might sound a little ‘nerdy’ to some people but when you consider that science and technology are responsible for the shape our human world has taken, they determine how we live, I think it is valuable to pay attention and take a look at how these areas of human knowledge began, how science has grown to become the primary secular religion of our times. 

You might step back and say: ‘Secular religion? Surely science is completely rational, deriving its authority from empirical results how can this be considered ‘religious? I absolutely understand you, and if we are speaking of ‘pure science’ and the classical ‘scientific method’ I would have to agree, however if we look a little more closely we can see that science has taken some interesting turns in recent decades; the schism between Classical physics and Quantum insights is probably the most obvious duality.

Additionally we have an emerging conflict between ‘Materialism’, and those who propose a much greater emphasis on the universe, and the whole of nature as being conscious!

What do we mean by this word: Materialism? 

The dictionary definition of materialism in terms of Philosophy holds that all of reality is founded on matter, and everything which we can observe and experience is the result of all interactions between matter. Energy is an equivalent of matter, and in the materialist universe both matter and energy have a fundamental relationship; E=MC(squared) gives us the magic key to understanding this relationship, this tells us that very small quantities of matter represent vast quantities of energy, hence very large explosions derived from tiny amounts of matter in the case of an Atomic bomb.

But atomic bombs are not really the most interesting aspect of this equation, it really gives us the clue to a simple insight: creating matter involves staggering amounts of energy!

However, returning to this conflict I mentioned between those who assert that our universe is completely explicable, and knowable through considering matter as being the only principle we can observe, and those who believe there are additional properties that we have ignored, and which we must include if we are to arrive at a true account of the universe.

As you can imagine, this represents an intense margin of disagreement!

Let us have a look at what kinds of phenomenon this contra position claims are being excluded from our Materialist model of reality.

The Science Delusion & Rupert Sheldrake

Rupert Sheldrake is a notable proponent of new directions in the world of Science

I have included this short video from the man himself, because I think he describes his own perspective much more accurately than I can. However I am not proposing that we should follow people as if they are prophets, I am always suspicious of cult-like movements; Rupert Sheldrake is only one example of alternative perspectives on science, he is certainly not alone!

About ten years ago I encountered the work of another great man of science, this man was a true engineer, a practical ‘hands on’ scientist who embraced the process of building models, and testing his ideas in the real world. At the time I was astounded that I had not heard of his work, or been made aware of the vast nature of his ideas; Arthur M Young was responsible for the development of the Helicopter, he did not invent the Helicopter of course, but nobody had been able to produce a commercially viable, functioning, navigable flying Helicopter prior to Arthur Young working with the problems.

The story of how Arthur Young was able to solve the big problems of building a viable Helicopter is an incredible one, it was a slow, painstaking process involving many failures, setbacks, and great danger; being able to take risks is very much a part of the history of science!

The work of Arthur Young has been recorded, and preserved in a documentary produced in 1981, I present this for you here, in case you, like me, have never heard of this story and you were never informed at either school or university of his triumphant solution! The title of this documentary is: The Reflexive Universe:

If you were able to view the video, there are no doubt a large number of questions flying around your mind. Why is this man muted and obscured from the education systems of our society?

Arthur Young is a giant figure in scientific history, here was man who was able to give us the Helicopter as a functioning craft, he was also able to revise the work of Einstein and Darwin; not so trivial.

You can easily see from how Arthur Young expresses himself that he was not an arrogant man, in fact he tends towards being being self effacing, and I think this contributed to him being largely ignored by the mainstream scientific establishment; his ideas were just too confronting for many to digest, in fact only a handful of science people were able to understand the full implications of his ideas at the time, so obscurity was the result.

Whenever people dare to question the established doctrines of science, there is always a reflexive response of negation from the hidebound quarters in academia!

The textbooks in science courses at high school and university level should be proclaiming the triumph of Arthur Young, instead private individuals had to produce a documentary which is now barely visible in the archives of YouTube; at least we have this, we should be grateful.

The fact that such a clear example of deliberate exclusion from the mainstream of science should sound a loud warning to us all, politics has a massive role in the world of science.

Corporate funding has always played a big part in the history of science, individuals who strive to uncover the secrets of the universe can only succeed to a certain degree, the money and resources needed to fully develop concepts, to completely realise them has so often been a major roadblock.

In the case of Arthur Young his work with the Helicopter was only able to be fully completed through his collaboration with the BELL aircraft company, who ended up purchasing the patent and rights from Arthur Young, resulting in the first model being rolled out: The Bell 30, and ultimately the Bell 47.

Of course, had Arthur Young stayed with the Helicopter and not manifested his full scientific spread of ideas, he might well have enjoyed a much greater acclaim; his Theory of Process however condemned him to the role of the heretic.

The heretical has always been a strong feature of scientific progress, the very well known example of Galileo of course immediately comes to mind. I suggest that we should always be open to the idea our firmly held beliefs are not absolute, that we are continuously opening up knowledge, finding new paths, connections, we should not fall into the same intellectual trap that the Catholic authorities of Galileo’s time obviously were caught within.

It seems that we can only learn retrospectively, the perspective of history is needed to reveal the shape our society. I think in the case of Arthur Young enough time has elapsed since his death in 1995 to show us the true scale of his work.

The Scientific Method

No doubt if you attended high school, and you paid some attention, you will be familiar with this term: the Scientific Method. This refers to the methodology developed by people who observed nature, and phenomenon, proposed accounts, or ‘hypothesis’ for these, then went to the trouble of actually testing their ideas with tests they designed, and then tabled results gained, and formed conclusions; it doesn’t stop here, because conclusions should be revised and different tests designed, this entire process is intended to be ongoing, it is not meant to produce dogmatic rule books.

Of course, we are familiar with the ‘laws of nature’, the idea that certain principles can be established, and proven to be reliable; in fact we can depend on these laws being universal until they are either disproved, or shown to be unreliable in every context. Sir Isaac Newton is a name associated with these ‘laws of nature’ because he was able to refine his observations and present a body of work which has become ‘Classical Mechanics’ with his ‘Principia‘ or Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy.

The Principia offered us a universal law of Gravitation and Motion, this states that a body, or object attracts another object in direct proportion to their combined mass, and inversely related to the ‘square’ of the distance between them.

Also contained in Newton’s Principia are three laws of Motion:

 1. Any object that is in a state of uniform motion will remain in this state unless an external force acts on it.

 2. Force equals mass multiplied by acceleration: [ f (t) = m a (t) ]

 3. In nature, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction

These rules and the overarching Law of Gravitation has been the foundation of modern science since the 1700’s.

Today, we have science as ideological ‘tailor made’ narrative, outcomes to measure: the objectives of powerful groups to control the public perception of anthropomorphic climate change, for example have been vastly executed and linked to progressive globalist intentions via enormous funding hegemony.

Observational meteorology, and geological climate informed analysis has completely been swept away. We are presented by endless charts and statistical results, based on modeling , not raw observation; the numbers can be convincing because the outcomes are already engineered. We have strayed far from the original firelight, the striving for truth; we have succumbed to the power of money in the service of politics.

Steven Goddard is a man of science, a list of his attributes can be readily found on his website,

I mention Steve Goddard because he is actively engaged with countering the propaganda, and ‘psyop’ style media presentations from the various climate data factories, and the ideological headquarters of the United Nations, his work has been persistent, and powerful; to offer a credible counter narrative of course requires much greater resources than one man can assemble, but his efforts have produced fruit. This one video from his YouTube channel that he named after one of his pet dogs ‘Tony Heller’, or ‘Toto’ reveals data inconsistencies and deliberate skewing of heat/cold through historical periods:     

If you are someone who values critical thinking, and analysis of data, if you are not merely driven by an ideological bias which supports your beliefs then you will be pleasantly surprised with Mr Goddard’s YouTube channel and website; Steven is a rare example of classical science, Geological perspective, and incisive evaluation of the current disruption of empirical research by Modeling.

The title of this article might offend some people, but I think we have reached a crossroads that is critical to understand, we have allowed politics and wealth to overturn the original intentions of science, we have enabled the politically powerful to gain ascendancy over the principle of the scientific method; the billionaire’s consensus club is international, and compelling in scale. People such as Bill Gates, Richard Branston, Bloomberg, George Soros, and the annual invitation list to those ‘Bilderberg Group’ meetings, who those people answer to: these are among the few who are seeking to engineer the global community into a shape very few of us will like. It is time to consider just what kind of world we are building, we are witnessing the true intentions of this club more vividly in 2020, by their fruits you will know them.