Power, the ability to make things happen! This is something that we as human beings are always seeking. We spend decades of our early lives preparing to become effective people, with core skills which we can apply to become one of thousands of different types ‘useful people’ and we all recognize what these are, typically: Medical doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Bricklayers, Plumbers, Beauty specialists, Hairdressers, Technology specialists, Politicians (OK, maybe not always so ‘useful’), Merchant, Electrician, Writer, Journalist…the categories of pursuit are many and varied.

But, in these times we understand that our society has changed. Today many of these occupations and traditional types of work are failing to match the requirements of our modern world, in fact many of them are being replaced and have completely disappeared! 

The normal path of exchanging time for money just doesn’t cut the mustard for people in many cases.

The Internet, and the World Wide Web have changed the game.

But the big problem here is that many people just don’t possess sufficient digital literacy in order to take full advantage of the new opportunities.

But how difficult is it in real terms to build sufficient digital literacy to make a real difference to you personally?

I suggest it is well within the grasp, and ability of many people of so-called ‘average’ education levels to gain useful, practical skills which enable them to build all kinds of media types, and publications on the World Wide Web.

One of the most practical, and comprehensive methods of gaining practical digital media skills is to learn how to work with WordPress software.

You must understand here, I am not talking about the public blogging platform of WordPress.com, I mean the self hosted media framework which WordPress.org produces.

Through learning how to use WordPress software the aspiring digital publisher develops all kinds of skills along the way.