Uncommon Wisdom – 02

Why do the great majority of people out there in the world remain ignorant, why do they seem to not succeed in their life’s ambitions, why so many prefer to gripe and complain and even go out of their way to criticize others who do succeed? Knowledge is today widely available, and with the internet it is even more accessible, and yet people prefer to play games, or watch drivel on Netflix rather than attempt to improve their life.

Classics Earl Nightingale – 01

Earl Nightingale was an interesting man, he was very much a part of the Philosophy of Achievement movement which Napoleon Hill characterised so eloquently in his book ‘Think and Grow Rich’. This series of podcasts is audio Gold. Presented here for you to benefit by, in this remarkable age of media distribution. Timeless, instructive and affirming, listen carefully and absorb the wisdom of a man who is now passed, but who contributed so much for us all to learn from.