Uncommon wisdom -10

Looking ahead to the future it is difficult to see how we can overcome the profound schism between globalism, and the push to force uniform conformity, and the powerful resistance against these authoritarian impulses

Uncommon Wisdom -09

Mental health is a topic that seems to grow in our society, as we become increasingly affluent and comfortable, we seem to become ever more neurotic and unhappy.

Uncommon Wisdom -08

Earl Nightingale covers some of the important aspects of modern life, which have relevance and meaning to us decades after his death.

Uncommon Wisdom – 07

In these very digital times, it might seem a clunky concept that you still need to ‘try’ in order to succeed. But regardless of the age or era we live through, the universal ‘evergreen’ principles always seem to apply.
You might think Earl Nightingale is a man from a different time, but if you listen honestly, you will recognise that most of what speaks about hold true just as much in our times.

Uncommon Wisdom – 06

Taking risks is essential for anyone who wishes to go beyond mediocrity, to break away from the stultifying herd mentality of conformity. We cannot know true happiness and experience genuine fulfillment unless we know how to take risks.

Uncommon Wisdom – 05

The educated imagination, more about the importance of imagination for furthering our interests and producing uncommon results

Uncommon Wisdom – 04

Listening to other people can make you rich, if you have the patience and humility to actual listen. Ideas can be shared, but you need imagination and vision to make these work also.

Uncommon Wisdom – 03

Imagination is everything! If you look around it seems all too common that people prefer to adopt conventional approaches to life, to go with the flow. all progress requires imagination.

Classics Earl Nightingale – 01

Earl Nightingale was an interesting man, he was very much a part of the Philosophy of Achievement movement which Napoleon Hill characterised so eloquently in his book ‘Think and Grow Rich’. This series of podcasts is audio Gold. Presented here for you to benefit by, in this remarkable age of media distribution. Timeless, instructive and affirming, listen carefully and absorb the wisdom of a man who is now passed, but who contributed so much for us all to learn from.