Uncommon Wisdom – 20

Robert Louis Stevenson lived to age 44 and crammed more life and variation into this than just about any ‘average man’ has hot dinners.

Uncommon Wisdom -19

Creative imagination, the ability to think creatively is well beyond any ‘A.I’ that we have produced. The automation that computers have give us in recent times seems impressive, but when compared with the vast capacity of the human mind it is paltry stuff really.

Uncommon Wisdom -18

Earl Nightingale explores several topics with his usual comprehensive thoroughness

Uncommon Wisdom -17

The question of ‘Quality’ is one that has been visited by many philosophers and thinkers, what gives our life true quality and what is a quality life?

Uncommon Wisdom -15

The U.S.A has tremendous potential, in these times of ‘make America great again’ we can see the original spirit of what made America unique and quite possibly the highest flowering of western culture.

Uncommon Wisdom -14

The power of creativity to progress our society, stagnation and conformity are the road to extinction, rebel.

Uncommon Wisdom -12

The power to make decisions represents the means to move forward. Even if we make a mistake, we can correct this and move on. But stasis is the Sargasso Sea of the soul.

Uncommon wisdom -11

Humor is often a powerful tool to expose hypocrisy and lies, each generation seems to produce its own form of ‘Counterculture’ and this is natural, progress can only be sustained through change and discovery