Re-visiting Desiderata

You Are A Child of The Universe Desiderata Revisited This is a remarkable work of both wisdom and learned experience, a man stood poised one morning and wrote these words, that man was Max Ehrmann, an Atheist but also a man of great spiritual insight. Max Ehrmann DESIDERATA   GO PLACIDLY amid the noise and […]

Consider The Possibilities 1,2,3

Perchance To Dream… Each day we have a fresh beginning, no point agonizing about the past, because that is finished with. We have a chance to act on choices and potentially change our entire life, how it looks and feels to us. Lives can be completely altered from one day’s decisions. Rhuba Marvik By Guest […]

Suicide And Being Successful

Read Michael Gorman's answer to Why do some people with apparently everything to live for commit suicide? on Quora

Organised Knowledge And The Web

Power, the ability to make things happen! This is something that we as human beings are always seeking. We spend decades of our early lives preparing to become effective people, with core skills which we can apply to become one of thousands of different types ‘useful people’ and we all recognize what these are, typically: […]