Human Manifestation Techniques

Triumph at last
Persistence Triumphs

When we tend to think along the lines of “Manifesting” we are very often influenced by popular culture, all too often this concept has been exploited by disingenuous people who seek to manipulate you to part with your hard-earned money to purchase some kind of ‘magical solution’. these people go to great lengths in presenting glossy videos, and hyperbolic headlines to snare your desire to succeed.

We are all mostly seeking more money, greater opportunities for pleasure, and distraction, therefore it is not difficult for clever people to build enticing media which speaks to your ever-present desire to improve your life. Does this mean that “Manifesting” is simply a commercial scam, a means for the clever to deceive and exploit the foolish? As always the old advice to ‘ let the buyer beware’ applies, but we should not allow the many examples of deceptive practice make us overly cynical and blind to genuine wisdom, right?

This web project is founded on the very interesting work of some courageous and intelligent people, you have no doubt heard of Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, and the very famous book “Think & Grow Rich”, I am certain you have heard of these people and that book.

What is often not successfully communicated is the core principle behind that book, and for me this can be summarized as being ‘have the courage to think more of yourself, and beyond what you have been trained to think’, for it is true that our education systems are designed to always nurture individuals who limit themselves, even those who demonstrate great creative and academic gifts: always we are told we must limit our expectations and understand our place in society.

The ideas and sometimes offers of help contained on this website are all pointing towards one single intention: How to improve your life and grasp some of the abundance our universe has in limitless supply. This might appear to be a somewhat strange intention, but really it is very simple, and practical. As human beings we are already greatly blessed from the reality of our existing, the odds of you living and breathing on this planet are so utterly unlikely that mathematicians have calculated the odds to being a number too massive to write down and comprehend. Be assured that your life is a precious, rare jewel in the cosmos, even though life is a temporary and fleeting experience, it is nonetheless a blessed and spectacular event!.

We are trained by the constraints of society to regard our lives as being ‘ordinary’ and of no great moment, to accept our lot and feel grateful for the crumbs of a mortgage, a job and possibly a family; while all of these items are indeed valuable, and worthy of our respect and efforts, they are by no means the entirety of what our lives can potentially be.

Manifesting is the art of thinking beyond what we are supposed to do, to grasp and take hold of our full potentials and build a life that we are truly capable of, to cast off the shackles and dreary obstacles that we are presented with from birth.

This is the essential message of the great communicators in this field, they are inviting you to consider that your life can be more than it currently is, and that you have the innate ability to craft something truly remarkable if you will allow it. Manifesting is a collection of human technologies that enable us to go beyond the provided limits of our social world, this is not “Magic” or miracle work, this is actually the true nature of our human potential.