To Manifest Is To Be Truly Human


The remarkable discoveries that people have made which are being made available to us all, have the power to transform and empower, to bring peace and abundance, to heal and provide direction. Manifesting means to apply your innermost visions to the substance of your life

Organized Knowledge & Intelligent Efforts

Power, the ability to make things happen! 

This is something that we as human beings are always seeking. 

We spend decades of our early lives preparing to become effective people, with core skills which we can apply to become one of thousands of different types of ‘useful people’ and we all recognize what these are, typically: Medical doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Bricklayers, Plumbers, Beauty specialists, Hairdressers, Technology specialists, Politicians (OK, maybe not always so ‘useful’), Merchant, Electrician, Writer, Journalist…the categories of pursuit are many and varied.

But, in these times we understand that our society has changed. 

Today many of these occupations and traditional types of work are failing to match the requirements of our modern world, in fact many of them are being replaced and have completely disappeared! 

The normal path of exchanging time for money just doesn’t cut the mustard for people in many cases.

So many people are mismatched with their ‘day job’, side-hustles are very common, and a great number seek to make their side hustle their main gig.

The Internet, and the World Wide Web have changed the game.

But the big problem here is that many people just don’t possess sufficient digital literacy in order to take full advantage of the new opportunities. 

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BlockChain…And more

Communication is the name of the game, results  are what count, not how you gain those results!



To Manifest Is To Produce, This Requires Creative Intent

Ever since the release of 'The Secret' there have been explosions of media all claiming that we need to 'visualise' our goals to make them a reality.

Of course, any self respecting high school student understands that simply imagining their homework assignments as being completed does not magically make this happen; so what are these people talking about, is this simply an internet scam?

The big part of the 'magic formula' is of course taking intelligent and focused action!
There is no such thing as a 'free lunch' goes the age old voice of cynicism, this is true in science also.

To obtain a result we have to invest some kind of energy, and we have to be working towards our objectives all the time.

But...there are many ways we can "Optimize" our results and this is what the whole deal about Manifesting, and 'The Secret' is about, not empty promises, but actual strategies and techniques that help us towards our final outcomes.

Those people who have made it their life's study, and passion speak of an 'intelligent energy' that drives all life, we can harness this energy in so many ways because we are human beings, the creative, imaginative beings of this world.

Intrigued, Think It Is Time To Move On This?

Today we have tools and resources which beggar belief, you have at your fingertips, access to any type of presentation, communication and thought amplification build framework that your grandparents would have considered true Magic.

The words I am writing today, on this sunny Sunday afternoon in November in the beautiful city of Perth, Australia are being read by you, and where are you?

1. On the train going home in New York City?

2. Sitting in your lounge in Poland, and it is snowing outside?

3. Possibly you are in London England

4.Perhaps you are currently sitting on a big plane, 35,000 feet in the air flying over Japan

You could be anywhere, and you can produce a similar result, with a communication, or sales project, your specific journey could take a turn for the global!

As we think, so we become.

Sadhguru speaks about manifesting in the mind, prior to making your thoughts manifest in the physical world, everything we see about us in human society is firstly conceived of in the mind’s eye. Of course this doesn’t just happen because we imagine it, or picture it, we have to focus and concentrate our energies, and move towards manifesting by degrees, but everything we are capable of creating is within our mind first. This is worthy of our attention, you can change the shape of your life this way.

Surely it is worthwhile to consider that your life could be different, a year from today it might all look very different?

Those who can grasp that change is possible, who have creative imagination and a little resolve, possibilities are completely possible!

Sure it will take some work and energy on your part. Learning and taking action as you learn is how it is done. We can learn from free resources these days.

Countless people have discovered how to put things together from videos on YouTube, and other web platforms: Udemy, Lynda, Vimeo, Daily Motion, Bitchute, Brighteon, and many more independent blogs and sites. The WWW has grown to become humanity’s vast library, and we can publish to it if we have something valuable to present.

Whenever people decide to take action, to execute on their ideas it generates a response, you will notice things happening, sometimes you can attract criticism and negative people; don’t be put off by this, people who express hostile comments and ugly responses are in pain themselves, just move on!

It is all there, you just need the desire to take it, and the imagination to recognise opportunities.

Those who can see beyond the confines of their daily life, and can visualise possibilities have the raw materials necessary to begin moving away from conventional thinking, what has the conventional way of looking at the world done for you so far?

It is time to manifest a new way, a fresh beginning, we have the enormous resources of the web to help us, and to provide a global communications opportunity. Manifesting is what human beings are born to do.

To Manifest Really Just Means To Focus Your Intentions